Versatile Blogger

I was surprised to learn Saturday, that I am the recipient of the Versatile Blogger award.

It was awarded to me by Millie, a goat with her own blog, A Goat’s View Of Eden Hills.  First, I must say a big Thank You to Millie, and her owner Teresa at her blog, Eden Hills. I am humbled.

According the award rules, I’m obliged to reveal  something about myself. Well….. Ok, this is lame, but I finally posted a couple pictures of myself on my About page, and both were taken by my husband. In the first, I was taking pics for the Nincehelser House post, and didn’t notice him training his camera on me until the last moment, sneaky devil.


The second was taken when I was taking pics for the Scarlet Indian Paintbrush post.

I was picking my way carefully through the field trying not to step on the lovlies.

As I am required by the official award rules to pass this Versatile Blogger award on, please see the following,  in no particular order:

  • Kathy at her blog,  Cattle Call Farm. From Herefords to goats, and chickens to gardening, her blog is informative and entertaining, and has great pics too!
  • Teresa at her blog, Eden Hills. Goats, ducks, gardens, and life – it’s all here.
  • Garden on Sherlock Street.  Everthing you ever wanted to know about flower and vegetable gardening, but were afraid to ask.

Please visit these great blogs, and tell’em I sent ya.