A Drive Down The Dirt Roads

There are quite a few of them around where I live: dirt roads – no gravel, just dirt. Most of the roads around here are gravel or paved. My favorite are the dirt ones though.

They are rarely traveled, except by farmers accessing their fields, and so when I explore them, I usually have them all to myself.

This area has a well planned road system – plenty of roads running north/south and east/west, all laid out in a neat checkerboard pattern.  But some of the roads have no one living on them, and so the county no longer gravels them.

This means that unless you have a 4 wheel drive truck, or a tractor, you won’t be driving them except in dry weather.

Driving them is an adventure. I might get stuck or lost. There might be a lot of potholes (wheeeee). There might be an old barn or farmstead.

Are there any “roads not taken” where you live?  Take a drive on the wild side and go check them out.