Snow On The Prairie

Old unused windmill- once used the power of the wind to pump water.

Saturday, unexpectedly, it began to snow. It wasn’t in the forecast, and when the first flakes came floating down, I thought that was all we would get. But the snow set in, and continued through the afternoon.

Dirt road bordered by dried grasses.

A gate lies open to an old farmstead where a house once stood.

It was a nice snow too. Not terribly cold, and no wind to blow it into drifts.

Rows of corn stubble curve over the hills.

Just gentle flakes falling to earth and clothing everything in white.


Velvetleaf seed pods

Wild sunflower seedheads

I hopped into my car, and took off around the back roads between the farm fields and pastures.

Gravel road bordered by pasture and farm fields.

Haybales neatly placed in rows. Will be used to feed cattle this winter.

Field of native grasses overlook a wooded valley.

I passed old barns, windmills, and crossed over old bridges.

Old barn and silo.

Red barn at the edge of a harvested cornfield.

Old bridge over Mulberry creek.

I stopped often to look and take pictures.

Red barn

Cow and calf.

A neighbor’s calf, born in the fall, takes little notice of it’s first snow. She’s more intent on nursing from mama.

Old barns, unused and neglected for years, seem to take on a new dignity in the snow.

Old unused barn.

Red barn between the oaks.

A cattail, half of its fluff missing, wears a new white cap.


While a small bird huddles in a snowy bush.

A White Throated Sparrow

As I took pics, neighbors passed by and waved. Strangers passed by and waved. One of them stopped and asked if I had car trouble. I had expected this. In rural areas, if you stop you car someone will sooner or later stop to see if you’re ok. Just one of the perks of living in the country.

When I was in school, the bus would often get stuck on snowy days. The driver would leave the oldest kid in charge, walk to the nearest farm (no cellphones then), and come back with a farmer in his tractor. The farmer would pull the bus out of the snow drift, and we’d be on our way again. I used to love it when the bus would get stuck. It was so exciting.

What are your most exciting snow travel memories?


——> UP NEXT: Canada Geese on Pony Creek Lake.

——> LATER THIS WEEK: How to make a delicious fruitcake. Yes, there is such a thing as delicious fruitcake.