Abandoned Church

For our recent Arkansas trip, we left on Sunday morning and returned Tuesday evening, so it was a short trip. But we packed in as much as we could. Our destination was the tiny town of Ponca near the Buffalo River in northwest Kansas. We chose this area because of the herd of elk that live there, and also to see the fall foliage.

Since the elk come out of the woods and into the meadows along the roads to graze only in the early morning and evening hours, we wanted to stay someplace close by so we would be able to sleep in. After a few calls, I found a house we could rent for only a $125 per night – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen, dining room, and living room. Yay!!  And it was only a few minutes from where the elk hang out. Double YAY!!

The house was tucked in behind an old church.

We explored the church on our first day.

The door was open.

 The window panes are mostly gone.

I wondered at first why the church was no longer being used, until I saw the attendance board inside.

Oh….  I see.

Virginia creeper is letting itself in through the window.

The old coal stove sits cold and rusting.

And the pews are filling up with dust.

 I don’t know why I, but I feel sad when I see abandoned buildings.

How about you? What thoughts run through your mind when you see buildings like this one?