Crappy Two-Percent Milk

I’ve just poured milk into Kitty’s dish. She looks forward to this all day.

But wait…. What’s going on here?


miss kitty

miss kitty milk

Me:  (Being sarcastic) “Kitty, you’re going to have to get closer to your milk to drink it.”

Miss Kitty:  (deadpan)  “Who said I wanted to drink it?”

Me:  (with enthusiasm) “It’s your afternoon treat!”

Miss Kitty:  (deadpan) “It tastes more like punishment.”

Miss Kitty1

Me: “Oh Kitty….  This is what we drink here. We’re watching our waists.”

Kitty:  “I’m not.  I want fresh whole cream.”

Me:  “We’re watching your waist for you. You have a tendency to gain weight without hardly eating anything.”

Kitty:   *sigh*



Kitty: “Someday, I’m going to escape from this prison and run away to the land of milk and honey.”

Me (The Warden):  “We love you anyway Kitty.”