Now that things have settle down a bit with wheat harvest and haying being done and Kitty on the mend, I finally waded through some images last night. I found this one that I took during the fireworks 4th of July celebration at Cottonwood Falls a few weeks ago.


Harland and I made a special trip to photograph the fireworks there the weekend after the 4th. Wanting to get the iconic courthouse and fireworks in the same image, I set up my camera on a tripod across the street in front of the library and waited until dark. At the time I was taking this image, I didn’t notice the flag snapping in the breeze atop the courthouse, so it’s a bonus for the shot.


Kitty UPDATE: 

She’s getting better day by day. She’s sleeping more than usual, and she’s not quite her bouncy playful self yet, but she’s eating and drinking well. On her last visit, the vet said it would take her a while to get well. She has some yucky sinus drainage so I wipe her little nose throughout the day. Friday night she begged for her nightly treat of milk which she hasn’t done since she got sick. She’s back to begging for table handouts too. Last night she woke us up repeatedly by jumping on the bed and walking around our heads purring. She even stuck her wet nose in Harland’s face. It must have been about 4am.  Yay! But we don’t mind, we’re just glad she’s feeling better. Thanks for your good wishes for her recovery!