St. Martin Church - Piqua, Kansas

Back in early November, Harland and I got away for a day and drove around southeast Kansas. One of the places where we stopped was a lovely old church in the tiny town of Piqua, population 107 at the last census.

St Martin25

St Martin01

Hope the door is unlocked.

It is!

St Martin16

Just inside the front door tacked to a bulletin board is some info about the church and its history:

St Martin23

St Martin24

Let’s look around inside:

St Martin02

St Martin03

St Martin04

St Martin05

St Martin06

St Martin14

Who’s that slipping out on the last supper?

(Answer: Judas)

St Martin07

St Martin08

St Martin09

St Martin10

St Martin12

St Martin13

St Martin11

St Martin15

Very often, the best view is from the balcony:

St Martin17

A collection of old sheet music:

St Martin18

St Martin19

A latin hymn:

St Martin20

Back down the narrow balcony stairs:

St Martin21

A print hanging in the vestibule of the church grounds as they looked in the 1970s. The school and gym at right were closed in 1972 and torn down in 2006.

St Martin22

A last view from the cemetery:

St Martin26

The church was closed as a parish in 1998, but is still lovingly maintained by volunteers and open to the public every day.

For more info about the church click HERE or HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


5 comments to St. Martin Church – Piqua, Kansas

  • Glenda

    Beautiful church and what a legacy. So sad when parishes have to shut down but what a blessing the volunteers still clean and care for the church.

  • Jeanne L

    I’m so glad that this beautiful old church is being lovingly taken care of! It would be such a sad thing for it to be let go. Thank you, Suzanne, f for sharing this! I really enjoyed seeing it!

  • So beautiful. It’s wonderful that it’s being cared for, and you certainly captured its essence with care. I took time to visit a small country church over Thanksgiving. It was very small, not at all well lit, and not so fancy, but it was open — one of the little touches that always pleases me when I find it.

  • Chester's Mom

    I so enjoy your pictures of churches that you all visit. Such beauty in the building and grounds, it’s sad to think they are no longer in regular use. I assume the town has dried up and the people moved away?

  • Tina

    Beautiful and sad at the same time. Sad it is no longer in use.

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