Sparks, Kansas Antique and Collectibles Flea Market

Up in the northeast corner of Kansas is a tiny town by the name of Sparks, population: 9.  To say it is a quiet little town would be an understatement. But twice each year, in the spring and fall, Sparks hosts their semi-annual flea market, attracting 75,000 visitors to browse the wares of 500 vendors, 450 of which sell antiques.

This past weekend, I attended the flea market for the first time. Started in 1982, the market now attracts visitors from as far away as Texas. I also noticed license plates from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. I spent a couple hours wandering around looking over literally acres of vendor’s booths.

There was a little bit of everything. From cast iron cookware

to quilts,

from crockery

to pedal cars,

from trunks

to a really tacky coat hook.

I loved all the glassware

and dinner service.

I love the pale green color of these cups.

These teacups and saucers are so pretty.

Check out these old canning jars. I think these would have been the ones where wax seals were used. I can’t imagine canning with these.

There was such a variety of goodies, from wagon wheels

to crocheted doilies,

glass cookware and serving pieces

to this adorable birdcage.

Does your taste run toward brass

or silver?

Remodeling your bathroom and need a vintage sink?

Or are you going really retro, and looking for a washbowl and pitcher?

Some shoppers left with armloads of items, some with truckloads. This lady went home with her cross-buck saw and gambrel (used for butchering large animals).

Do you like to go to flea markets? If so, what types of items do you look for?

For more information on the Sparks Antique and Collectibles Flea Market, you may to go to their website here.


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