Thrift Store Scores

Do you shop at thrift stores? I didn’t used to, but I discovered them about 7 years ago now and just love them. Most of what I wear comes from thrift stores. I go for the expensive labels. People who can afford expensive clothes can afford to give them away before they wear them out, so the pricey clothing is always in nearly new condition. I regularly pick up designer ready-to-wear items for less than $5 each.

I also love the antiques at thrift stores. Two of my recent scores:

A 1947 set of Homer Laughlin china:

Thrift_Store (6)

It’s an incomplete set – 5 dinner plates, 8 bowls, and 4 dessert bowls.

Thrift_Store (5)

I love the pattern, and the set has a gilt edge too.

Thrift_Store (8)

Thrift_Store (9)

Homer Laughlin is an American china company that has been around since 1871. In the 1920s, they advertised themselves as the largest pottery company in the world. I’m a collector and have plates, gravy boats, sugar and creamers, and other items. Single plates like these above can go for $10-$20 per plate. So the set I got with the plates, bowls, and dessert bowls is probably worth about $150 or more.

Guess how much I paid.


That’s right folks, EIGHT bucks.  Picture me doing a happy dance!

Another of my recent thrift store scores is this hand-crocheted afghan:

Thrift_Store (3)

Thrift_Store (11)

It’s just the right size to use as a throw blanket on the couch, or to keep at the bottom of the bed to pull up on chilly nights.

I love it! And I only paid $10 for it. You can’t even buy the yarn for that price.

I always feel sad to see hand worked items in a thrift stores or antique stores. I know old things aren’t everyone’s style, but if one of the ancestors spent hours and hours crocheting that blanket or embroidering those pillowcases or dresser scarves, how can family members give them away so easily? I feel like handwork is personal, and a part of the person is right there in every item.

Anywho, do you like to shop thrift stores? What are your favorite things to buy there?