Radioactive Girl

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you…for all your prayers, kind words and wishes. It does help so much to know that all of you out there in my corner. I’m overwhelmed… and humbled. 

Remember yesterday when I told you in yesterday’s post about the radioactive iodine uptake test I had a couple weeks ago? I swallowed a capsule containing radioactive iodine and then they did tests later to determine the rate at which my thyroid absorbed the iodine? The thyroid naturally absorbs iodine and they make it radioactive (a small dose) so it shows up in scans. The test showed my thyroid absorbed the iodine more quickly than it would have with a normal thyroid.

Well anywho, that night when I got home, I explained the test to Harland,  and he pulled out his cold war-era geiger counter (doesn’t everyone have one of these?)  to see just how radioactive my thyroid was.

Leave it to us to find humor in the strangest places:

All I need is tights and a cape, and I’ll fly around the world righting wrongs with my special radioactive powers.

 My radioactivity has gone down quite a bit since the test a couple weeks ago and it almost back to normal.

Will keep you up to date on my wait to start treatment.  Have a great day all, and thank you again for your continued prayers and good wishes.