Lately, there have been a couple of large spider carcasses found when we first get out of bed in the morning.

Knighthood 2

It would seem that when the lights go out the creepy crawlies come out hoping for a night of fun at our house. Boy, are they disappointed to learn that they picked the wrong house to party in. With two cats in the house, if it is alive and moving, it’s life expectancy is very, very short.

I hate spiders. Just hate’em. See HERE.  So I’m very pleased with Kitty and Muffy taking care of the creepy crawlies when I’m asleep. I’m so pleased in fact, that I recently bestowed knighthoods on both of them for valor and bravery in defense of our castle.

Kitty’s new official title is Dame Katherine.

Knighthood (3)

Muffin’s new official title is Sir Muffalot.

Knighthood (1)

I hope their new elevated status doesn’t go to their heads, and they start to assume that the house is theirs and we humans are only here to do their bidding.

Nah, they would never think that, would they?