Snowy Twilight

Yesterday evening, I got home from work and was preparing to start supper when I looked out the kitchen window off to the east and noticed some great light. So I put my jacket back on, slipped on my boots grabbed my camera and rushed out into the yard to capture the light before it faded.

I took all these pics from our yard.

The small pasture near our house looking east:


Looking east:


The windbreak we planted (several hundred baby trees!) several years ago. They are head-high now. This is looking northwest from our house:


A wren’s nest in a catalpa tree:


Our house and backyard looking west:


The driveway in front of the house looking west:


I couldn’t bend my fingers when I got back into the house as I had rushed out without any gloves, but the pics were worth it. We only get that pink/blue light this time of year so I couldn’t pass it up.

Happy Friday everyone!