White Tailed Deer

Harland and I paid a visit to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday. We were there just a couple months ago in October(see post here), but wanted to see what kinds of birds might be migrating through these days.  We were amply rewarded in that we saw swans, bald eagles, and thousands of snow geese.  We also saw this beautiful deer grazing alongside of the road so we stopped to watch her for a while.

And then she began to watch us.

  • White-tails range from Canada down into Mexico, Central America, and as far south as Peru.
  • When frightened, they raise and wave their white tails like a flag warning others of danger.
  • They are so perfectly suited to their environment that fossil records show no change in their structure for the last 4 million years.

I’ve seen deer all my life, but not usually this close up, so it was a treat. She didn’t run away, but stared at us for a while, then went back to grazing.


——->  UP NEXT:   Thousands of Snow Geese, up close and personal.

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  • Doe of Mi.

    Hi Suzanne – I live about 1 mile from the freeway amd 2 miles from a heavy traveled city street on a dead end road that feels like your in the country because its surrounded by the woods. So I’m previlaged with visitation of deer quite often. Have had 5 & 6 at a time. Also mamas & babies.
    Last year had 5 in my hosta bed eating, went out on deck to shooo them away, but, they wouldn’t leave, stood their ground until I got the broom out. They didn’t seem to like the swishing sound of sweeping and I didn’t like my hostas being eaten down to the ground. The rascals! But, I do enjoy watching them when their being beautiful and good. lol

  • Chester's Mom

    That beautiful doe won’t stand a chance here in VA. It’s hunting season now, but the hunters aren’t all that great because there are plenty deer left to mow the flowers and veggies next year. They visit our farm quite often and we enjoy watching them too!

  • trisha harris

    Truly beautiful photos. Can’t wait for the rest of pics. That must be a great place to visit.

  • Such a great opportunity! I’ve rarely been able to get a picture that wasn’t a far-away blur. I just love the ones where she is watching you!

  • She’s a beauty. As always, you got some great photos Suzanne!

  • We get lots of hunting stories from family members but I prefer these lovely photos.

  • Oh yes, I love to watch deer as well. There’s just something about them that is so peaceful. We frequently see deer in our field behind our house and I love it!

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